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Episode 24: Wisdom X: The intersection of wisdom, entrepreneurship, and spirituality with Jay Wright

You must be present to WIN. If you want to WIN at listening to this episode, then you must be present when listening. Jay is a lover of life, freedom, and fun. He prefers depth over distance and has bold awareness for what it means to be fully alive. He is an actively engaged entrepreneur, husband, and father of three. His intentional chosen state of consciousness is contagious and everyone who comes in contact with him leaves with greater energy, purpose, and vigor for what it means to be human. Don’t hesitate to pause, rewind, or listen multiple times as what he shares truly has the potential to create small incremental shifts in your life or even one huge SHIFT that creates the quantum leap you so desire. Either way this is a must listen and I am beyond grateful to call him friend. In this episode, SHIFT HAPPENS!

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Cancer isn’t just treatment options and fighting for survival. It’s a journey and Ryan takes you along for the ride. He offers unique and valuable insight into the process of healing and thriving. Truly a joy and an inspiration to listen to these podcasts. If you want to learn what real healing looks like, this is the perfect podcast for you.

~June 13, 2018


Loving this podcast and can’t wait to learn more about “shifting.” These podcasts are loaded with valuable information for not only people who have cancer, but those of us trying to prevent cancer. Thank you. This is life-changing stuff.

~June 19, 2018