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Episode 25: I GET TO

What if we chose to shift from have to’s and need to’s and decided that life itself and all the daily things we engage in are in fact all get to’s. We get to wake up. We get to participate. We get to be here. We get to engage. We get to respond. What would life and our human experience look like with this simple yet challenging perspective change if we were wiling to see things as something we get to do instead of ever being something we need to do or have to do. In this episode I go deeper into the state of being that is having a profound impact on my life and I believe will do the same for you. Remember on this podcast, SHIFT HAPPENS!

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Cancer isn’t just treatment options and fighting for survival. It’s a journey and Ryan takes you along for the ride. He offers unique and valuable insight into the process of healing and thriving. Truly a joy and an inspiration to listen to these podcasts. If you want to learn what real healing looks like, this is the perfect podcast for you.

~June 13, 2018


Loving this podcast and can’t wait to learn more about “shifting.” These podcasts are loaded with valuable information for not only people who have cancer, but those of us trying to prevent cancer. Thank you. This is life-changing stuff.

~June 19, 2018