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Cancer Shift Podcast

Episode 7: The EASE factor

What if disease is actually dis-EASE? What if being unEASY about ourselves, life, and many facets of our human existence could be the root cause behind our illness? Would you be willing and open to shift if you learned that it was a major factor in your well being? I was thankfully and what I learned didn’t change my life, it saved my life. In this episode I introduce you to what I call the “EASE factor” and how it played a role in my healing journey. Are you ready to shift from dis-EASE to a life of EASE? If so, your healing may just follow. Remember, Shift Happens!

After two years, my dream of offering a fundraising course to teach people exactly what I did to heal on my terms is now a reality. Click here for full details.

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Cancer isn’t just treatment options and fighting for survival. It’s a journey and Ryan takes you along for the ride. He offers unique and valuable insight into the process of healing and thriving. Truly a joy and an inspiration to listen to these podcasts. If you want to learn what real healing looks like, this is the perfect podcast for you.

~June 13, 2018


Loving this podcast and can’t wait to learn more about “shifting.” These podcasts are loaded with valuable information for not only people who have cancer, but those of us trying to prevent cancer. Thank you. This is life-changing stuff.

~June 19, 2018