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We realize that everything about our lifestyle had everything to do with my dis-EASE. So everything about our lifestyle had to change. We took steps to recreate the life we wanted. Stay tuned as our Life Beyond Cancer blog launches soon as it will focus in on our mindful healthy living, continued healing and our RV lifestyle of the outdoors and adventures of living on the road. Click below to join our email list and stay abreast as we continue to expand our site, release blog posts and monthly newsletters.

Cancer Diagnosis & Healing Modalities


Q: What type of cancer? When were you diagnosed?

I was diagnosed October 2015 with Stage 4, Advanced B-Cell Follicular Lymphoma, Grade 2 with B-Symptoms confirmed. I had lymphatic tumors from the top of my neck to below the groin including a basketball size cluster in the abdomen. The spleen was fully cancerous and the bone marrow was 30% impacted along with a collapsed right lung full of fluid at diagnosis. After diagnosis, I experienced ascites (abdominal fluid build up that requires draining) and double pleural effusions (both lungs filled with fluid that also required draining) along with unconfirmed lesions in my liver.

Q: What symptoms did you have? How did you discover you had cancer?

A: Swollen lymph nodes on my neck for 6 months, night sweats, extended belly, and vascular headaches. Once the headaches moved to high migraine levels it led me to meet with a doctor friend. He saw my swollen lymph nodes and told me to get an MRI. Upon receiving the results, my PCP stated it was probably cancer and we scheduled a lymph node biopsy to confirm. The PET Scan and bone marrow biopsy also confirmed stage 4 metastasized cancer.

Q: What did your Oncologist recommend or tell you?

A: That there was no cure for my cancer and all there was available is a management plan. If I responded well to 6 months of chemotherapy, they would put it in remission, but then it would come back within 2 years. I would repeat more chemo and if I extended my life by 10 years, that would be a grand slam home run. He said the chemotherapy could also kill me in the first 2 weeks and that if I didn’t do chemotherapy I would die in 2 to 3 months.

Q: What was your diet like before cancer?

A: I ate the Standard American Diet (SAD) or as I refer to it as the “Drive Thru Diet.” I had zero prior medical history, I was thin, I assumed I was healthy. I was eating burgers, fries, fast food, tons of processed sugar, processed food, and all kinds of junk. I didn’t smoke and never had. I didn’t drink alcohol, but I ate whatever I wanted. Lots of bread, pizza daily, and I drank very little water. I ate almost no vegetables and fruit only sparingly.

Q: What did you do when you first got diagnosed?

A: I took action immediately. I was juicing within 24 hours, taking supplements within 72 hours, jumping on a rebounder  doing IV therapies and started hyperbaric and detox foot baths within 2 weeks of initial MRIs. Within 45 days I was at an alternative clinic in Mexico. My wife and I threw ourselves into the process, learned as we went, but surrendered to the outcome and results. I took massive action and radically changed my diet and lifestyle.

Q: Did you do conventional treatments?

A: Yes, 7 months after diagnosis I did immunotherapy (Rituxan) during my first adventure with cancer. During my second adventure with cancer, I did Rituxan again along with a chemotherapy drug called Bendamustine. I did no radiation and only chemotherapy during my recurrence. I was scheduled for 6 rounds of chemo in the fall/winter of 2017, but chose to stop at 5 as I had an intuition that I was good and decided I didn’t want any more. I was doing so many other healing modalities that I had almost zero side effects. I never got sick or lost my hair. The oncologist was always amazed how well I was managing the chemo and did agree that my willingness to do so many things outside of chemo was advantageous and proved beneficial.

Q. Did you do natural and/or alternative treatments?

A: Yes, yes and yes. I explored, tried and tested many, many natural/alternative healing therapies. Initially, it was all about what I could eat, take, drink and do that would kill a cancer cell. Many months into my adventure with cancer I realized that I needed to heal my body, not just kill cancer cells. Then, especially after the recurrence, I realized that healing was even more important in the mind, spirit and soul.

In regards to specific alternative treatments, I jumped in with full force. I have done 100’s of IV therapies, including, but not limited to high dose Vitamin C (at times as CK3), curcumin (turmeric), Poly-MVA, B-vitamins, chelation, sodium bicarbonate, B-17, wormwood and alpha lipoic acid which was key to helping my liver heal. In terms of other treatments, I have gone to multiple countries trying different therapies and treatments. Some, I felt created positive effects and one may have actually done me harm. In all I don’t have scientific proof, but I have how I felt, how I responded and how visible tumors either enlarged or became smaller. If you want to know more about the specifics on everything I did my wife, Caroline, blogged as our adventure was happening from 2015-2017. Click here to read her blog.

Q. What other modalities did you use to heal from cancer at home?

A. In addition to changing my diet, IV therapies and visits to clinics, at home I also had a daily schedule of healing modalities. My wife had me on various juicing protocols including at one time the Gerson protocol juices and eventually The Vida Protocol. I also felt I had a lot of toxicity in my body so using my in-home Sunlighten infrared sauna was a key proponent to helping my body sweat out toxins. To this day I still own a Sunlighten. I started out with the two person in-home sauna and now we have the solo sauna. Click here to learn more. I have also used lymphatic machines to help move my lymphatic system when I was bed ridden and couldn’t be active. I used the Rife machine, rebounders, foot detox baths, magnesium float baths, cryotherapy and more.

Q. Did you take supplements? If so, which ones?

This in and of itself is one loaded question. I did indeed take supplements. In fact, at one point I was taking around 75 supplements a day, which I don’t recommended. I still to this day take supplements, but only about a tenth of the previous number. Supplements are very valuable especially when we are able to do blood work that shows our deficiencies and areas where our bodies need help. Caroline wrote blogs during my cancer journey that discuss my 'protocols' and exactly what I was taking at different stages of my healing. You can go here: What I can simply share with you here is that there are several supplements that I am a huge believer in and continue to take on a daily basis:

The list is quite long. Throughout my cancer journey, Caroline often shared much of what I was taking in her blog, The YOLO Life Blog.

Q. What was your diet while you were healing from cancer?

A. Did you know that there are over 15,000 documented diets in our world? Have you ever met that person that believes their one and only diet is the one? I am not one of them. I believe diets are an important part of someone’s healing strategy but certainly not the only component. I have gone from the Gerson protocol, vegan, fruitarian, pescatarian, liquitarian and all kinds of in-between. What I have found is that when we are not at peace with our own diet that in and of itself impacts our whole well being. Angry vegans is not a good thing. Happy go-lucky fast food junkies isn’t good either. We must all find our balance in our diet and lifestyle. For me, I thrive as a high plant based eater, but I prefer to call myself a Flexitarian; I am flexible and unwilling to have a defined do’s and don’ts diet.

Q. What do you recommend to others when they are diagnosed?

A. We don’t recommend anything to anyone. There is no way for Caroline and I to effectively answer that question as there are so many variables and we lack the accreditation to make medical recommendations. However, we have created a simple 3 Part Filter System to help others navigate thru the mountain of information thrown at a person when a diagnosis happens. If you click here and sign up for our newsletter you will receive this useful widget for free. The widget is essentially how Caroline and I processed the hundreds of recommendations we have been given thru our adventures with cancer.

Q. How did you pay for everything?

A. Fundraising! In fact, we fundraised over $100,000 and have now launched a course, Freely Funded, the debt free healing strategy. Click here for more information and to purchase the course.

Q. What books do you recommend for someone healing from cancer, healing from disease or supporting someone in disease?

Q. How did you handle FEAR?

First of all I acknowledged its presence. I stopped being afraid of fear and I shifted! After hearing a podcast that changed my perspective, I started talking to fear. I expressed my gratitude for all the times it saved my life and reminded it to step back when I asked it to. This made all the difference in how I handled fear and still do to this day. Fear is no longer my enemy or something I see as bad. I chose to face all my fears head on and invited Caroline to do the same. We did that and WOW do we have a life changing story to tell you. 
Tune in to my Podcast where Episode 4 “A different way to FEAR” explores this very topic and reveals the life altering story I just referred to. 

My YouTube videos, my Instagram feed, my Facebook Page, and our newsletter cover all things related to Fear. Please take a moment to subscribe, listen and follow so that you can see how handling our emotions, especially Fear, is a key part to living in health.




Ryan has given many people hope for alternative methods of healing cancer and any other “incurable” disease.  Having witnessed him through Facebook and in person, I could say that to know Ryan and what he shares has the power to improve lives!! There is something magical about people who have gone thru hell and are now living and experiencing Heaven on Earth!!

Steve Factor

The Pure Energy Chef


“Amazing things always happen to me.” This was one of the first things I ever heard when I came across Ryan’s Facebook page back in 2016. It made me smile. It made me decide I too, could claim this in my own life, in spite of cancer. It was one of the first of many impactful shifts that Ryan’s posts have had in my life. By simply sharing his insights, he has opened my eyes to so many powerful truths. The honest, open and refreshingly real posts and videos Ryan has shared over the years have been so valuable. His ability to not only seek truth and find healing, but to share that insight has had such a tremendously positive impact in my own healing journey. I cannot imagine where I would be if I hadn’t stumbled across Ryan’s content. The healing I have done emotionally and spiritually have only furthered my ability to heal physically, all due in large part to Ryan simply sharing his journey in a way that so many can relate to. Ryan’s content is easy to follow, easy to implement and effortlessly inspires others to find their way to ease and wellness."

Kristin Herbert